I still remember my younger playful days clear as a crystal, when I used to create home-forts with blankets and sheets and play stories in my head. I would scooch myself in under a bed, surround it with pillows as walls or sometimes create boundaries with bed sheets and clips to alienate myself whenever I had a pity scuffle.

I used to call it “my hide-out” and tie a Keep Out sign to have my “me” time.

I miss those days. Sometimes I think I never had a proper time to enjoy my leisure stint in a tent. Now that I have a kid of my own, I finally think I have another shot at it. Also, I would love to see wings of imagination that my baby creates with her little head.

Unlike my time, today’s world has options and plenty of them. So many brilliant creations that I didn’t have in my days! Exquisite kids tepees are available nowadays that spare your child the trouble of finding sheets, pillows and blankets to create a little home. It makes me so jealous, the kid inside me wishes  I wish I was born in this era to experience the joy underneath a funky and cute teepee tent.

If you don’t want your child to miss out on their childhood like I did, it is time to go for Tepees – they bring a whole lot of fun to children! I have handpicked some exceptional teepees that will ensure your child has a blast during their leisure hour whilst looking super pretty as a ‘feature’ in any child’s room or playroom.

KidKraft Teepee Tents

Ensure your kids have a gala time playing inside a tent with the brilliant range of Tepee products manufactured by the renowned company Kidkraft. A plethora of enthralling Teepee tents will boggle your minds as you have a glimpse into their spectacular range. Colorful kids teepee are available for both indoor and outdoor play. A variegation of colors can be found in their tents that exhume an inviting radiance. Your kids simply can’t resist going into one the moment they set their eyes on it. Some children’s teepee tents come with a meshed window for the parents to keep their kids under their vigil-antenna. Some variants are just meant for indoor use. You could decide on the area first where you would like the tipi tent to be placed and then go for it. Here is the collection from where you could choose the perfect kidkraft teepee for your child:

White Teepee Tents

There is nothing more beautiful than a white teepee tent that’s lit up with the right lights. Ah! The look it emanates is just out of the world. I love doing that in my child’s room. She enjoys the lights around her when she sleeps. Sometimes I read her stories whilst she’s up. In order to milk the wonder combination you need a play teepee tent that is white in color. I suggest you could go for this:

The super smooth cotton canvas will ensure your kid doesn’t succumb to skin irritation. A white canvas will literally serve as a canvas for your kid’s creative head. For lights, you could go with the easy-to-install light strings that retain more than 70 lights to beam up the mini-house in stylish effulgence. You could also decorate the whole setup with a perfect bedsheet or a blanket to go with the tinge. Here is the link for Hearthsong lights that are simply perfect for white tents:

Indian Style Teepees

Indian Style teepees are simply great. They are a step closer to historical reality that will help inculcate knowledge in your kids at a quite early stage. Extremely easy to set up, they pack in authentic native American teepees to weave a silent general knowledge lesson as your kids play along in edutainment indoors. They will also assist your children with their fancy as they try to create make-believe stories by going back in time. You could go for this beautiful native American teepee that only speaks of colors of time:

Another great cutesy variant that is downright endearing to watch is this baby teepee. Fill it up with lovely toys and you have got your baby a new home.

With a patch of Red Indian proximity, the paint on this promises to fling you back in time. It has a water proof floor that makes it ideal for backyard, park, day care or garden playing.

You could alternatively go for a whitish red Indian design that has floral prints on it. The design is quite famous with Indian origins and could be used to pack in the grandeur you wish to have in your kid’s room.

Helping you get an Indian makeover this Indian teepee tent is a brilliant display of some magnificent craftsmanship. Patterns of stripe around to emanate the right Red Indian feel. It has a circular window that further complements its whole appearance.

Plastic teepees

I would suggest you could go for plastic teepee tents since this is the closest you could get to imparting your kid a perfect camping experience. Plastic teepee tents come in handy in all sorts of seasons, as they promise to keep your kid away from the sometimes harmful effects of nature. Your kid shenanigans from inside are not going to affect the material since tent frames are made up of stretchable material which is very flexible.

You could try going for the one that brims up with gorgeous display of colors. Patterns that tingle the right vibes in you and set you in the perfect mood straight away. The following has nightlights included in it as well:

Turquoise tepee tents are great to look at as well. It has a great base that sticks firmly to the ground without getting uprooted by the chaos that your kids might create inside. This one frames a dark blue shade as an outline to complement its turquoise tinge.

You could delve towards the brighter side to vibrant colors that might help you to further accentuate your picnic trip by investing in kids outdoor tepee. Gleaming patterns tend to draw the attention of the crowd at once. It might attract more kids from other families. What do you know? This one right here features a tunnel hole for your kid to avail of an escape plan when the going gets tough.

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