I still remember the day I brought in a sandpit for son and daughter! Oh! The sheer excitement on their faces when I explained what it was for! Whilst I brimmed it up with sand, my children kept dancing around me in euphoria asking me a thousand questions – they surely put me in the right vibes too. That afternoon spent in creation! I just love it when my children revive the kid in me.

I was so glad I made that investment. On swamped days when I am too busy to spare some time for them, I ask my son and daughter to go play with their friends in the sandpit, and I don’t hear from them for hours. They get so busy playing in the sand that they forget the world! It is really that fun. Trust me! Take it from a mother who had her fair share playing in the sand with her kids.

If you to wish to surround yourself with adorable laughter of your kids as you get on with your daily chores, a sandbox is the way to go. I have selected some of the finest and intelligently built ones for you. Get the one that promises to connect you with your child/children.

Covered Convertible Sandbox With 2 Bench Seats

If you want your kids to have a great time playing in the sand and don’t want them to soil their clothes (well that can’t be avoided!) Badger Basket comes with a kids sandbox with two bench seats. There is plenty of area in the center for the sand to summon your kid in a world of creativity. It is a bottomless design that makes it easier for you to clean it during rainy scenarios as you can eschew water puddling inside. When not in use you could simply convert the seat benches into the lid, simply close the lid and avoid it from getting the insides dirty.

Themed Sandboxes

Little Tikes

Little Tikes gets children. It is a brand that will capture your kid’s attention at once. The fancy animal themes on its product are instant attractants. For example the amiable looking turtle sandbox which will pique their curiosity. Their products have plenty of space in the core to swallow up sand. The company has found a way to provide your children seats as well. Like the turtle sanbox has front legs that convert into two seats. Subtly played! When not in use you can use its cover that resembles a tortoise shell. It fits in properly thus rendering things readily available – the way they were left after the previous round.

Crab Sandbox: There is a similar animal variant by Step2, the gorgeous mysterious ones which has a fine comic side to it with those big eyes! Claws of the crab form comfortable seats for your kids as they can enjoy playing in the sand without getting soiled. A great thing about this one is that you do not need to get involved much with the assembly. Setting it up is cake! It gives a complete cute picture with its shell on, which on the other hand helps the sand to stay dirt and water free.

Digger Style Sandbox: Ladies and Gentleman, here we have the ultimate sandbox playcenter for guaranteed hours on end of fund!

Making the sand affair even better is another Little Tikes ones. The fact that it converts your child’s imagination into realistic objects makes this one a hoot! Accessories that come along with the Little Tikes Big Digger sandbox makes for a great gameplay experience. It is a complete plaything package wherein your kid and his/her friends can make up stories in their heads and execute them with all the colorful props. You are provided with ramps and roadways, along with a fully-fledged working crane digger at the rear that takes care of some scooping sand business. You also get a sifter, shovel, rake, sand cups and a dump truck to make things more exciting. Making things even more realistic are two adorable characters that your kid is going to name straightaway and start playing with.


Step2 Play and Store: Taking a contemporary design in the vanguard is the brilliant Step 2 sandbox which has a top large enough for your kids to squeeze in some toys. It can hole up multiple kids and allows them to sit on a seat like arrangement that can be found in all corners of the kids sandpit. The overall appearance is such so as to allow it to complement your backyard’s natural setup.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox: Owing to the sandstone tinge, it looks like a realistic boulder as it blends in with the colors of the sand. It is one of those kids sand pit that will let your kid create a fortress in your backyard with his/her friends. From the side looks you will see how it resembles one! It easily fits in around 3 to 4 kids along with some cool toys to keep them company.

Kidkraft brand:

Kidkraft Pirate sandbox: Make playing in sand a unique experience for your kid by providing him a Kidkraft sandbox that will let him wave on the waters of imagination. Kids have a thing for pirates and the fairy tales. Let them enjoy their playtime feeling some realistic vibes that surround such interesting heedful areas. It is a boat that will let your kid get in those pretend pirate shoes as it tries to imitate pirate-themed art! You get two compartments to store all the accessories, a steering wheel to let your kid give wings to the imagination and a canopy to allow some safe gameplay away from the scorching sun.

Kidkraft sandbox with attached canopy: Get your kids playing under the aegis of this brilliant product that ensures harmful nature effects don’t mess with their favorite pastime. You get two sand and water bins at one end putting things in perspective for your kid. The space is so much that the whole kid platoon could easily play in this beauty. It is a bottomless variant that comes with a liner with drainage holes to let out the moisture.

It’s not complete without…..

Moms and Dads, here are some other important accessories and products you must buy when purchasing your child’s sandbox, without these, the fun will not begin.

Shefko Yard Tarp: Tarp is the way to go when you are planning to protect your sand box from nature and dirt. The drawstring yard tarp has a built in rope that lets you get down to business real quick. This is the best sandbox cover you need to protect them.

Sandtastik white sand: It is important that your children play with sand that isn’t toxic in any way. Sandtastik sand is a safe option to use in your sandboxes and is the best sand for sandpits. Moreover it is white in color something that is really flashy to your kid. They are going to love it!

Safe Sand for Sandbox Natural White: Another great sand to go for sandboxes is the Safe Sand’s naturally available sand. It is not bleached or dyed and is super safe to play with as it is non-toxic and has minimal dust. Tested for safety!

Oh and don’t forget sand toys such as these best selling sand toys.

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